Friday, 25 June 2010

Seville: Slight Return

Holidays have  a habit of coming to an end.  Real life reasserts itself all too quickly. In the weeks since coming back from Seville my computer has suffered a rupture of some kind and is now running at half speed and work has been far, far more work-y than usual. So I take this opportunity to return to sunnier times, to the leisurely pleasures of the Spanish morning ritual, to coffee served strong and unadorned, accompanied only with a croissant (me) and a cigarette (my mother).
One morning we decided we required something a little more substantial, something a little more belly-challenging. And so there were churros. Fresh from the frier. Hot and glistening and glorious.
Here we have a what is supposedly a serving for two people.  Look at that pile. It's a veritable churro-suvio of fried dough. We decided against eating them with chocolate and instead mimicked the old ladies sitting at a nearby table who simply sugared theirs and dunked them in their coffee. Even this method presented its issues and despite our dual efforts we eventually had to concede defeat or risk the alarming prospect of Not-Having-Enough-Room-For-Lunch. This bordered on churro overload and we didn't feel the need to repeat the experience for the rest of our trip. But now, back in London, I could seriously go for a churro or two...


  1. I don't think there is a better way to wake up than a nice spanish coffee, no cigarette. Just thinking about a spanish coffee makes me wonder what I have in the pantry to treat myself. Thanks for the read. Hope you get the computer up and running again, maybe it needs coffee.

  2. The flavor of coffee makes me impressed. Thaank you very much for the article.